December 16, 2022

Uncanny Me

Lale is 26 and has been working as a model for years. But working on the superficiality is increasingly exhausting her. She finally wants to turn her attention to the important things in life - by having her physical body scanned and transformed into a virtual avatar. In the course of this moral and legal precedent, and facing her very real SELF, Lale has concerns. The film poses the question of identity in the age of self-dramatization and certificates of authenticity.

With “Uncanny ME” Katharina Pethke and Christoph Rohrscheidt tell us how dramatically our real world can fade into virtual spheres, we hardly can control anymore.

Besides they show, that even the genre documentary, can be supported or even dramatically gets underlined by virtual production and create emotional reactions:

“The creepy final scene where digital version of Lale are watching each other, seems to feel like a punch in your guts - scary and beautiful at once”/Jungle World 2022/42

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