Virtual Production Studio Mannheim


A virtual production power house.

1500 m²
Total studio area including crew quarters, bar, editing rooms and more.
2 Studios
Two studio sizes available for large and medium scale media production teams.


LEDcave PRO is our most versatile studio, equipped with all the technology you might need for everything from live events to film productions.

Studio size

With a stage area of 24 x 8m (192m²) and a total studio area of 320m², LEDcave Pro is suitable for the even the most large-scale productions.

LED technology

The massive 35m wide and 7,5m tall main wall with a total resolution of 13.440 x 2.880 px and a pixel pitch of 2,6mm features LEDitgo rX2+ V2 panels, engineered by our in-house LED experts.


Powered by nVidia A6000
Up to 10-bit LED color rendering
1.600 nits max. brightness
Real-time 3D rendering via Unreal Engine
stYpe camera tracking

LEDcave mini

If you're looking for a creative space for your media production or want to take your first steps with virtual production, LEDcave mini is for you.

Studio size

The unique box shape of the 40m² stage creates the perfect atmosphere for media production teams of any size.

LED technology

A 8 x 5m main wall with a resolution of 2.688 x 1.680 px and a 2,9mm pixel pitch is the perfect backdrop for smaller virtual production projects or even just creative foto- and video production.


Powered by nVidia A6000
Up to 10-bit LED color rendering
1.000 nits max. brightness
Real-time 3D rendering via Unreal Engine
Vive camera tracking

Location Features Studio Mannheim

Ready when you are

See the future of media production in action.

Our Mannheim studio is located 45 minutes away from Frankfurt and 120 minutes from Stuttgart. On 1500m² it features editing rooms, meeting rooms, make-up rooms, a workshop and a bar.

  • Bookable around the clock
  • Plenty of storage space available
  • Secure parking directly on the studio premises
  • Alarm secured and camera monitored

LEDcave Mannheim
Schwarzenberger Str. 7
D-68309 Mannheim

Technocrane & Technodolly on site

Our preconfigured Technocrane, complete with Technodolly on tracks allows for even the most complex camera movement, all programmable and ready to replay.

ARRI lighting pre-installed

A wide range of ARRI lighting equipment is available on site, already pre-installed and configured for use in combination with our LED panels.

Safe & healthy production during the COVID-19 pandemic

With our extensive action plan and multiple hygiene measures such as UV air filters, we are prepared to make safe media production possible even during the pandemic.

Production infrastructure readily available

From fork lifts to scaffolding, high-speed internet and trained personnel - all prerequisites for a professional large-scale production are ready to go.

All studios accessible directly from street-level

Easy access to all studios through ground-level rolling gates, even with heavy machinery such as semi trucks.

Film and sound equipment available directly on location

Our well-equipped tech storage has almost everything a production might need, from camera gear to live streaming equipment.

Impressions from Mannheim

Through our agile media production process we enable almost any business to leverage the power of virtual production.