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Enter the future of media production.

Benefits of Virtual Production

High-tech at your fingertips

LEDcave is a virtual production studio suitable for film, advertising, live events and more. We aim to make high-tech media production accessible for all media teams.

More creative freedom
Our LEDcave framework expands the possibilities for creative work and lets teams leverage the power of virtual production intuitively.
Everything under control
By producing in digital environments, uncertainty can be greatly reduced and cooperation between production team members is improved considerably.
Highly efficient media production
Through virtual production, more media is created in less time and post-production can be cut almost entirely.

LEDcave Virtual Production Framework

A framework suitable for any business
With our agile media production framework we enable you to leverage the power of virtual production
A lot of sand in the LEDcave. Screen shows palms.Transition between the real and unreal world.Technocrane in front. Elif, a musician, on stage. Screen shows a moonlike landscape.
Over 100 successful productions. Our golden book remembers all of them.

Virtual Production Studios

Located in the heart of Europe
LEDcave studios are the ideal space for your media production
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Home of LEDcave. This is the most versatile location with a fully equipped technical stock on site.


Located close to one of Germany's media industry hubs, this location is suitable for a wide range of production types.


This location meets highest Virtual Production standards with a fully equipped technical stock nearby.


Take a look behind the scenes
We are always expanding the possibilities of media production at LEDcave.
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Not possible to shoot in the cave?
No problem.
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