August 3, 2021

Students of HS Mainz explore Virtual Production for filmmaking

Exploring the possibilities of storytelling in Virtual Production was the premise of our cooperation with Hochschule Mainz.

In a cooperation between Hochschule Mainz and our partner PA Line Medientechnik, a team of 30 students explored LEDcave Cologne to learn and test media production in a Virtual Production workflow. The result was a stunning short film telling the story of a game play tester, who is tasked to work together with an AI creating virtual worlds for humans to explore. To make the most out of their time at LEDcave, the students chose to test out production methods that are hard or even impossible to create in a classic production setting or a green screen studio.

Congratulations to all students and teachers and the production team for successfully taking their first steps into Virtual Production at LEDcave! Check out the Behind-The-Scenes Fooage of the project here:

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