February 24, 2021

Rapid content creation for ACIDBITE

To promote their new product line, cinematic video asset brand ACIDBITE relied on virtual production at LEDcave for the content creation pipeline.

For their 2021 brand relaunch,  cinematic video asset brand ACIDBITE had to produce a bunch of new content but had only a few days of on-location production time to work with. To make matters even more difficult, the content had to be as visually diverse as possible while also fitting their brand look-and-feel.

In cooperation with Buero Abstract we set up a production pipeline that allowed the team to shoot on three different virtual locations in four different sets in only two days at our Mannheim location, filming both in LEDcave PRO and LEDcave mini. A job that would have required weeks of set-up and travel times could be reduced to only a few days of production in a controlled location, that allowed for granular control over the final outcome.

Congratulations to the ACIDBITE team and the whole crew for a milestone production!
Check out the final content and all of ACIDBITEs products on their website: www.acidbite.com

Another big thank you to Pille Film Wiesbaden for supporting this project!

Director Anthony Capristo
Producer & TD Marco Liebscher
Environment Artist Sebastian Aab
Director of Photography Michael Throne
1st AC Henrik Weimar
2nd AC Jan Wittekind
DIT & Editor Victor Haselmayer
Line Producer Sandro Stumpf
Production Runner Keana Maldonado
BTS Andreas Wanner
Gaffer Willi Rätzsch
Best Boy Electric Carly Schrader
Film Gear Pille Film Wiesbaden
Key Grip LEDcave Lukas Rösch
H&M Isabelle Asfour
Stylist Nisa Gül
Art Department Cheyenne Braun, Dilara Acikelli
COVID-19 Tests
Sven Brutscher

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