September 1, 2022

NEOSHIN blur the line between virtual and physical world.

NEOSHIN is a new virtual band performing in CR. The team of students at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg have linked their avatars to physical bodies in the real world at LEDcave Mannheim.

NEOSHIN is a project by students at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg that masterfully connects the virtual and the physical world in a futuristic-dystopian music video and short film. We're happy we could support all of the talented people from their team as one of our first guests at LEDcave Mannheim back in 2020. Now, the music video is finally available in full for you to enjoy:

Check out the Making Of NEOSHIN as well if you want to see how it was made!

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Director. Editor. Band: Sebastian Selg
Co-director. Technical Director: Ramon Schauer
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Producer: Jiayan Chen
Writer. Band. Music Producer: Roman Schneider
Animation Supervisor. Lead Actress: Bea Höller
Director Of Photography: Christoph Bockisch
Assistant Camera: Philip Ratuschny
Key Grip: Paul Sonntag
Gaffer: Sina Blume
Mask Engineer: Jan Fiess
Colorist: Julian Niesner
Photographer: Claus Morgenstern
Sound Design: Stefan Erschig
Aimation: Nina Fischer, Lara Bergs, Sabrina Jollat, Merlin Bader, Christopher Schmier, Elena Heller, Till Sander-Titgemeyer, Sandra Hahn, Alina Olenberger, Celina Brandes, Paulo Morato Scatena, Leance Volschenk, Wasim S. Shaikh, Rebecca Rubeli
Motion Capture Extra: Milena Aboyan, Philipp Braun, Kai Effinger, Sebastian Kraus, Mariia Prokopenko, Martin Egger, Vincent Suttner, Damaris Zielke, Timo Willman, Mila Lyutskanova, Molly Moody, Lou Strenger, Jaime Armando de Lara Cruz, Zuzanna Pulawska, Deborah Maria de Lorenzo
Body Model: Delia Boettcher
Scanning Operator [NC3D]: Daria Varfolomeeva
CFX Artist: Tristan Sander Lieske, Wunna Winter, Elias Kremer, Ramon Schauer
FX Artist: Niklas Wolff, Lucas Bruchhage, Manuel Koester
Lighting: Sebastian Selg, Ramon Schauer
Compositing: Sebastian Selg, Mario Bertsch, Lukas Löffler, Ulisse Dickmann
Logo Design: Nishe

Special Thanks: Simon Spielmann, Jonas Trottnow, Paulo Morato Scatena, Kerstin Arnold, Harald Dieterichs, Norbert Kull, Boris Kratev, Emil Pfeifer, Juri Stanossek, Jan Burda, Dennis Müller, Arvid Schneider, Michael Aerni, Tanja Krampfert, Krzysztof Rost, Tonio Freitag, Heiko Burkardsmaier, Mariia Prokopenko, York v. Sydow, Martin Egger, Frank Junghans, Julian Grimm, Thilo Strack

Additional Art by Imagestorm
Scanning done at NC3D
Virtual Production Studio by Rent Event Tec GmbH // LED CAVE
Guitars manufactured by AVIATOR Guitars
Supported by ACCENTURE SONG VFX, former "Mackevision"

© Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg [2021]

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