July 4, 2022

Music video production at LEDcave Open 2022!

A look back on our first Open Days Event in Berlin where visitors could witness a live virtual production shoot for a music video.

Music videos always have been an art form for creative exploration, it is not surprising that Virtual Production has thus been adopted widely in the music industry already. During our Open Days 2022 in Berlin, a live virtual production shoot was open to visitors, giving them a chance to see how and why Virtual Production is an amazing tool for music video directors and production teams. A big thank you to everyone who visited us in Berlin and of course to our partners and the LEDcave team who made this event happen!

Check our the final result - a virtual production music video for "Can't Do This" by the band Chameleon Walk:


Studio Manager Thilo Strack
Production Director / Producer Stephan Thomsen
DOP / Colorist Robert Winter
Technical Manager Stefan Dünkel
LED Supervisor Felix Schwarzbach
Unreal Engine Operator Timo Müssig
Unreal Art Director Jan Hartung
Unreal Coordinator Dominik Doehler
Unreal Artist Raphael Grimm
Technodolly Operator Lea Sarau
Editor Kevin "Kelle" Buse
Technical Supervisor Giuliano "Jiamo" Fechner
Playback Operator Alexander M. Wegener
Consultant Christoph Stötzer
Follow Focus Petar Manov
Desk Operator Tom Herfurth
Gaffer Nico Nitzsche
Set Manager Alex Prüstel
Lichthaus Mike Zimmermann, Dietmar Haupt
Cast Axel Heyder & Babette Lauenstein aka Chameleon Walk

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