December 9, 2022

Don´t trust your Eyes!

Warning the audience with those words, the Tape Film team “travels” around the world into far and cold Arctic. At a freezing cold spot they face reporter Christoph Karrasch with the task, having a dip at ice cold water all guarded by experienced scientist and doctor – this is what they make you see!

But, what´s that? Ice cubes in the water turn into plastic ice, they “turn off” the snow and wind and “move” back to the LEDcave where they created the illusion, they sent Christoph to a rough place.

Charming as always known from Galileo, Christoph tells us about Virtual Production, shows how it works and what can be possible using this mighty tool.

Produktion: Tape Film

Regie: Tobias Bräuhauser

Kamera: Moo Video Productions

Licht: LightHouse Germany GmbH

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